Once upon today 2017

In 2017, “Once upon today… in Europe” has three stages:

  • International Training – 25.09.-02.10.2017 in Krzyżowa
  • The development of micro-projects by the participants in their communities – October 2017 till March 2018
  • International Youth Meeting (including presentation of micro-projects) – 12.03.-17.03.2018. in Krzyżowa

The first part is an international training for participants from Estonia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine who are active in youth meetings, citizenship education or related fields of work with young people. During the training, they will exchange their experience and methods in working on historical narratives and develop new approaches.

After the training, participants will use their expertise and networks to carry out small projects with young people to discover hidden and interesting stories in their home towns. Up to eight young people from each country and their trainer (hence a former participant of the international training) will have the possibility to take part in an international youth meeting in Krzyżowa from March 12-17, 2018.

Who can apply?

Multipliers of youth work (18 years upwards) living in Estonia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania or Ukraine who are interested in the topic of historical narratives. Participants should be committed to international cooperation or be active in youth meetings, citizenship education or related fields of work with young people.


Please find all necessary information in our Call for Participants 2017 and apply individually by July 23rd 2017 using the online application form.

Please note:

  • The training is part of a three-step project. Participants of the training are invited to carry out small projects on history with young people in their home cities over the winter. One participant from each country will have the chance to return to Krzyżowa with up to eight young people for the international youth meeting taking place from 12.03.-17.03.2018. It is not obligatory to take part in the international youth meeting, but applicants with tangible ideas for carrying out projects will be given special consideration.
  • Since the training is going to be held in English, a high level of English is required