Mystery clad in marble (UA)

The first visit to the Polish cemetery was a great experience for the team of Smila Lyceum working on the project ‘Mystery clad in marble.‘ We had not expected such a neglected sight, but were also struck by this place where each square meters breathes glorious historic past. Stone tombs and sepulchers  – most of[…]


Discovering stories across Europe

Visiting 19th century factory buildings in the Polish city Łódź or an old fisherman collective in Estonia, analysing photos of teenage fashion in Soviet times in Ukraine or meeting witnesses of WW II in Moldova… until October young people in six countries will discover hidden stories in their home towns.


Training has started!

29 participants from six countries and many stories to be shared and heard! The 2016 training has started. The six day course will give participants the chance to explore questions of history, memory, identity, and narratives – and work on methods how to deal with them in international youth exchange and projects with young people.[…]