24. September 2014


What if it was all just a very good story? Half true, half made up, partly touching on our personal memories and experiences, and partly reflecting the history of our communities and societies. With the project “Once upon today…” we are inviting participants to think about history, memory, and identity in this imaginative way. Not as something given, but as crafted stories…. gripping stories.

“Once upon today… in Europe” focuses on issues of belonging and identity in Europe with a focus on historical narratives. What does this mean? When people talk about history, memory and identity, they constantly tell a story about themselves, the communities and states they live in. These stories – or narratives – help people make sense of reality and they are made up of diverse facts, myths, official commemoration and personal memories. Like any other story, they are constantly shaped and reshaped through communication and reflect the values, interpretations and political objectives of the communities and people who share it. Thus, any narrative could start like a tale in present: “Once upon today…”

The project is organized by:

Kreisau-Initiative e.V., Germany
Protestant network for civic youth education, Germany
Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding, Poland
Young Journalists’ Association “Polis”, Poland
Institute of History / Tallinn University, Estonia
Viimsi Keskkool, Estonia
The National Association of Young Historians of Moldova (ANTIM)
Associata Burgus, Romania
Educational Initiatives Centre, Ukraine
Foundation ChangeLog, Ukraine

Are you interested to take part in the project? Here you finde more information.

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