BAR Museum Bread and Roses living Europe

by Alexander, Almut, Anna, Corny, Karolina, Nadya and Paula

What it is about…

 It is an educational centre for promotion European history and cultural richness of all the European countries. All the exhibitions are presented in all European languages. Our museum contains information about daily life of people from different cultures and countries with a diversity of background.

Videos with narratives of the witnesses enrich our knowledge of the history that you can’t find in the school books. Museum of BAR would give the experience of life in the past, so that you could compare it with the present and the future.

We invite you to a museum full of discoveries – how was it to live in Spain in the 1850ies, how looked life in Ukraine in 1900, what was it like to live in wartime in Greece and what was the life conditions in Norway in 1950ies? Have a glimpse to European life in all its varieties and try it out. Listen to testimonies, wear the clothes, taste the foods.

BAR Museum connects and unite people from different countries and cultures. It is like a time machine which provides you with all you need to know about the past.

One focus also lies on the mutual understanding between the different nations. In connection to this a great forum is created to come in contact and talk with each other. If you also want to learn something about each other you can walk over different bridges which lead from one country to another, so you can look at the countries relationships, find out how they rae today and how they developed.


Let’s get personal. We like to think that in the age of the Internet you can find out anything but how much do you know about the everyday life on people around you? Step inside for Bread and Roses! It’s from people for the people. We keep in mind what makes us human.


Come to the heart of Europe,

come to the BAR in Belarus!

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