Intercultural evening – Presenting Ukraine!

By Maryna Pervova

On the second day of our staying in Krzyżowa, all the participants of the training course had to make a presentation of their own country. It wasn’t an easy process for me, because I had been thinking over how to draw people’s attention and how to inspire them. All the members of the countries showed videos about their country or city or town they live in, almost everybody treated all of us national dishes which turned out to be very delicious. As for me, I decided to perform one of the most famous Ukrainian songs PALALA. This song is about a Ukrainian girl who is looking for her happiness in life. She wants the star to shine for her in the sky and her sweetheart to be with her forever. The song bristles with Ukrainian landscapes descriptions and national customs. Basically, Ukrainian culture is very rich in songs, they are melodic and rhythmical and catchy. The school where I work, that is Mykolaiv Specialised School with intensive English learning, prepared a video film to accompany my song. Furthermore, they sewed a national costume for me to look like a typical representative of my country. This song made a great impression on everyone, people clapped and encored me.

I love my country! In spite of the war which is broken out in our country, I’m absolutely sure
that it deserves being appreciated and admired! This is the country which is worth visiting and singing about!

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