micro-projects: East Meets West – School Exchanges

by Almut Klose

Micro-Projects: East Meets West – school exchanges

In our group we had the idea of connecting pupils from Ukraine with pupils from Germany and Estonia. After an example of an existing Polish-Ukrainian school exchange we would like to build up cooperations between these countries. In the centre of this idea stands the wish for more European understanding. To bring pupils and teachers from different places together gives the chance to find out more about a different and the personal point of view. It shows also how important language skills are to communicate with each other. The pupils chosen to participate, we thought of five to six, should all be speaking English. In the programme we imagine the pupils to see and visit classes in the Ukrainian school, to find out differences and similarities. Also cultural activities should be included as well as trips to touristic places around. The pupils and teacher will be hosted by families of pupils of the hosting school, to get a glimpse into daily life also. We hope to find schools in Germany and Estonia to be part of such a school exchange programme.


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