On the way to Krzyzowa

By Andrea Chiricescu

My story begins on the 11th of March 2015, when I got in the car and set out on the journey of a new adventure. I was supposed to arrive to Krzyzowa on the 12th of March, so I had enough time on my hands to transform my trip into an adventure of sightseeing and discovering new places. I have never been in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, so it was obvious that this is the perfect time to stop and get a little taste of the two countries. No wind, no rain, no low air pressure, no lack of sleep could stop me!

IMG_0624        IMG_0643

Bratislava Castle


Blown away – both literally and figuratively – on top of the Brno castle.

P.S. Although the GPS decided to take me to Poland on a countryside road, I still made it in time for dinner 😉

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