Same event – different story

Interviewing Mathilda, participant:

  1. Did you learn anything new during the workshop “Same event – different story”?

-“I discovered historical events I didn’t know about – especially concerning Moldova (the deportation in 1946 was new to me). Furthermore, I got to know personal stories of the others, not only national history.”

2. Did you like the method of the workshop (working with timelines of different countries and trying to put them together?)

-“Yes! For me it was interesting to look at the different timelines of all the represented countries (Estonia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Poland). Especially the timeline of the Ukraine was quite different from the others concerning the dates, but there were still events that effected every of the countries on the poster.”

  1. What are your expectations/wishes for today?

-“I really like this workshop and how it deals with history, so I hope we’re doing a bit more of it for the next hours!”

Interviewing Konrad, participant (same questions)

-“We often consider ourselves as part of the Western society, this influences our way of thinking. Sometimes, we don’t realize that Western and Eastern regions have almost the same history and that we’re in a way responsible that we do not focus enough on the importance of the East of Europe.”

-“When you think of history, you often have a national perspective on an event that happened in the past. I never really thought about how the end of WW ll looked like to Moldova for example.”

-“Better weather would be great! Apart from that, I am looking forward to the evaluation of “Same event – different stories”.”


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