20. July 2012


This is the provisional agenda for the seminar “Once upon today” from September 21-30, 2012 in Berlin, Wroclaw and Krzyzowa.

Fri, 21.09.2012 GETTING STARTED
Till 17:00  Arrival in Berlin
17:00 Welcome and Introduction
Integration activities and expectations’ round
Setting up rules for the meeting
 20:00 Welcome Dinner and cultural programme Berlin
Morning session History – Communities – Memories – Narratives
Introductory lecture and workshop
Rainer Ohliger, Network Migration in Europe / Action Reconciliation Service for Peace
Afternoon session Berlin – the “official” story of a capital
Guided tours
Berlin – City of diversity
individual exhibition on Schlossplatz
  Daily evaluation round
Sun, 23.09.2012 BERLIN AS A STORY/ Communities
9.30 Introduction: Communities
10.30 Discovering other stories in Berlin
Informal guided tours with
Roland Schmidt: Jewish communities in Mitte and Kreuzberg
Chadi Bahouth: Subcultures and diversity in Kreuzkölln
Mynaka Sururu Mboro: Traces of colonialism in Wedding
Oleksandra Bienert: On Ukrainian trails in Berlin
 17.30 Evaluation Round
Mon, 24.09.2012 WROCLAW AS A STORY
 8.30 Shuttle to Wroclaw
 15.00 Wrocław as an official story
Guided tours to the city
Daily evaluation round
Tue, 25.09.2012 WROCLAW AS A STORY /Memory
9.30 Introduction: Memory
10.30 Reflection time
Group work
15.00 Wrocław – discovering layers of history and untold stories
Group work and scavenger hunt
Daily evaluation round – What has touched me personally?
 20.30 Shuttle to Krzyżowa
Wed, 26.09.2012 TIME OUT
Morning Chill-Out
15.00 Krzyżowa – 3 x Helmut(h) + x and other stories
Tour and time for individual explorations
Evaluation Round
Thu, 27.09.2012 IMAGES UNDER CONSTRUCTION / My story
9.30 Workshop: Identity
Biographical work
15.00 Workshop: Identity (continued)
Creative workshop: Which stories would I like to retell?
Evaluation Round
20.00 Campfire
Fr, 28.09.2012 ONCE UPON TODAY IN MY COUNTRY: Official narratives
9.30 Rethinking narratives in a pluralist world
Lecture and workshop with Dr. Annamaria Orla-Bukowska, Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow
15.00 Comparing official narratives
Group work in bi-national teams
Evaluation Round
Sat, 29.09.2012 ONCE UPON TOMORROW
9.30 Re-telling the stories…
Open space for developing micro projects:Which other stories should be heard in my community?
How  can they be told in a way that brings people together?
 15.00 Re-telling the stories…
Open space continued
17.00 Feedback and ideas for future cooperation
20.00 Farewell dinner
Sun, 30.09.2012 DEPARTURE
9:00 Departure from Krzyżowa