Sept. 24, Ways to remember

As each of us had pulled out some day and topic to write about, mine was the 24th of September – Ways to remember. That day we spent in Wroclaw and there was a guided tour around the city. Actually I am sorry to write what I am going to write, but rules are rules 🙂

This day must have been one of the most interesting and important days of the project for we just arrived in the new city and were supposed to get some basic information about it. But personally I did no manage to fulfill the purpose of the tour. The reason for that must have been the guide himself. To my opinion, this person is very interesting, especially his rather introverted personality, but he is cut out for anything but guiding. His manner of speech was low; his ability to lead was minimal. This all destructed me completely from what he was really saying  In fact, he must have been the only thing I remember from that tour. So this turned out to be my story of “ways not to remember anything”.

Oh yes, and the Wroclaw dwarfs are cool.

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