Jewish and Arabic community in Israel

Socializing really matters. Our world is full of conflicts and problems… But sometimes we fail to see that many issues can be solved not by war and fighting but in fact the other way round. Sometimes even a small conversation can help to come in contact and solve a huge issue.
The Arab–Jewish conflict is really a big matter for Israel. It influences relations inside the country. In fact, we find two conflicting cultures co-existing inside one country. On the example of this problem we can learn much. The biggest problem we find here is the absence of a dialog, especially between the Youth. It necessary to organize projects, meetings, tours just to help young people to begin a conversation. Having experienced on of such we want to show you how well it can really work.


This project gave us a chance to understand that despite all the conflicts that exist among people we still can be friendly. Communication may solve many issues.

by: Olha Henyk, Svyatoslav Kaspruk, Ivanna Harasym, Anastasia Roniak, Kateryna Kamyanets

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