“Reconstruction or Reinvention” Virtual Museum

By Maryna Pervova

Museum “Reconstruction or Reinvention” is really fun!!! It’s a virtual museum which everybody who is interested in some historical issues can visit. A tour guide invites all to make a tour round European countries, mainly five, the participants of which are in this group (Germany, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia and Poland). The first page is a map of Europe how we see it and the tour guide suggests everyone drawing their own versions of Europe. He clicks on the sign MY EUROPE. Then a virtual tourist appears who is eager to visit one of these countries. A virtual guide leads him on his way. Moldova presents the toys with which kids (the guide’s parents) played after World War II and gives the motivation of using such kind of toys. Estonia gives the example of toys with which the guide’s grandparents played during the World War II. Then the imaginary tourist moves to Germany, a representative of which demonstrates the history textbooks and a series of historical narratives that cannot be found in history books from Germany. The guide also presents the changes which took place during a long period of time in their country. In the long run, you can find yourself in Ukraine. A representative of this country presents basic textbooks for the pupils of the 1st grade in the Soviet and Post-soviet times. There is a substantial difference between them from the perspective of the techniques of teaching reading in the junior school. Then a little video takes place. It reveals a great difference between the system of education in Ukraine in the USSR and in the independent Ukraine. As soon as you see all these, your attitude towards historical issues will be reconstructed and you will also invent something new by yourself. Welcome to our museum and you’ll have lots of fun and pleasure!

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