Postcards from Wrocław

by Luiza, Karoliina, Hellen, Ayse and Almut

Dear Dad,

Today, we spent a beautiful time in Wroclaw. It looks like my home city L’viv. I like the architecture and the history: It is similar to L’viv also.

They have rebuilt a lot of the buildings which have been destroyed during the war. It gave me a glimpse of what Tartu could have been if we had done the same things..

Knowing that the architecture has been reconstructed in a different way gave me the feeling and thoughts how the city fassade could have looked before the war. But it shows the different influences of the different folks which came here. It was interesting to see that in this process people tried to destroy or avoid German influences in the city shape.

It was a strong confrontation with German-Polish history. I didn’t know much about it before even though Uncle Wolfgang has family ties in Wroclaw. Beeing there made history for me more vivid.

I noticed that Wroclaw is in big progress right now. They know how to promote their city: I love the little gnoms, spread all over the city to remember a protest movement in communist times. And in 2016 Wroclaw will be the capital of culture! So they’re preparing a huge cultural programme.

So let’s go next year together to Wroclaw!

Hugs, yours, Luiza, Karoliina, Hellen, Ayse, Almut


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