Why I love Moldova?

My story  (by Ana Castrasan)

Why I love Moldova ?

Once upon a time in Europe, a beautiful country has born. It was founded around 1352 by the Transilvanian ruler (voievod) Dragoș, who hunted a wild ox on the banks of the river Moldova. According to one legend, he chose to stay in the land which he named after the river – Moldova.

During the time, Moldova became more beautiful and wanted by big powers as Ottoman Empire , Russian Empire and URSS. That’s why it’s destiny, history and culture was strongly influenced by them. Although Moldova passed through harsh times, it faced with dignity all the difficulties, and preserved rich traditions and culture for future generations.

Nowadays Moldova boasts a proud history, rich in culture and diversity. Since regaining independence in 1991, Moldova has again shown its individuality and cultural richness. The culture of Moldova represents a large range of cultural activities: literature, theatre, music, fine arts, architecture, cinematography, broadcasting and television, photographic art, design, circus, folk art, archives and libraries, books editing, scientific research, cultural tourism and so on. The cultural heritage of Moldova is abundant with traditions and customs. The traditions in Moldova are primarily related to national music, dances, songs, and food, wine, as well as ornamentation arts and crafts.

Why I love Moldova?

There are many reasons why I love this small and beautiful country:

* People * – even if you are at the limit and face the difficult moments you ever had in your life, there you’ll find in any situation someone who will give you a helping hand. People from Moldova are very open and hospitable. They like to have many friends and holidays.

*Traditional cuisine* – Moldova food has a delicious taste and is known for a wide variety of dishes. Once you will taste traditional food, you will never forget savory of zama (chicken noodle soup), sarmale (cabbage rolls) or mamaliga cu brinza (polenta with cheese).

*Wines* – Moldova keeps the old traditions of winemaking. With over 140 wineries, beautiful vineyards and underground wine cellars (some that are as long as 200 km), here you will find a real diversity of red, white and sparkling wine. The wine cellars from Cricova and Milestii Mici offers the possibility to walk in the underground towns of wine.

*Moldovan talents* – Moldova is also known for talented and creative people. Amazing beautiful melodies of Eugen Doga fascinate listeners from all around the world. The waltz which made him famous was selected by Russians last winter in the ceremony of Olympic Games inauguration in Sochi. Eugen Doga’s talent is admitted by UNESCO, as the waltz included as music in the movie “My Sweet and Tender Beast” is called the 4th music masterpiece of the XX-th century.

*Places to visit* – beautiful landscapes created by Mother Nature makes Moldova unique. The hills like people are different in shape and size. The archaeological complex from Orheiul Vechi combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. The panoramic valley of Orheiul Vechi was nominated for the UNESCO world heritage list. 

My country has a soul which is full of people’s kindness and God’s love, that’s why I love Moldova!

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