Getting ready for 2017!

The project team met in Berlin to organise the next activities of “Once upon today… in Europe” in 2017! The project is going to take place this year for the fourth time, starting with a training between 25.09 – 02.10.2017 in Krzyzowa (Poland). It will bring together participants from Estonia, Germany, Poland, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Representatives from all partner organisations met in Berlin between 19 – 21.05, 2017 to work on the programme for this new edition, updating methods and developing new ideas. “It is very rewarding to see this project grow from strength to strength, building on our past experiences and working with so many inspirational people who all have a story to share. Everyone had an input in organising this programme and are looking forward to this new edition”, said the organisers.

APV OUT 2017

And it also was a lot of fun 😉

“Once upon today… in Europe” is an international training on how to work with historical narratives in non-formal youth education and takes place in the International Youth Meeting Center in Krzyzowa, bringing together multipliers working in the fields of history and civic education, international youth exchange and active citizenship.

The project has 3 stages:

  • Training: 25.09.2017 – 02.10.2017 in Krzyzowa, Poland.
  • The development of micro-projects by the participants in their communities
  • Youth Meeting: 12.03 – 17.03.2018, in Krzyzowa – presentation of micro-projects

In the training part, the participants will have the opportunity to learn, discuss and practice different non-formal methods which they can later apply in their own projects. Some of the main ones are “The Flower of identity” , “Same event – different stories”, “A European Museum of History”. These three methods build on each other but it is also possible to use them independently in a different setting.

Another important section of the training this year will focus on how to build micro-projects – what is a micro-project, what resources are needed and how can an idea be implemented in a realistic and achievable way. A brainstorming on possible subjects for micro-projects will also be part of this edition.

Compared to last year, for 2017 the organisers decided to extend the training programme, offering now a total of six days instead of five. This will allow for more self-reflection, more time to work with some of the non-formal methods and a more into depth approach for the micro-projects, as well as free time, inter-personal communication and exploring the area.

The new skills and knowledge gathered in the training will then assist the participants in developing their own micro-projects. The presentation of projects will take at the Youth Meeting in March 2018.


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