Flowers of Identity 27th September 2017

“We are like coloured pencils in a case. We are different, but we are in the same box, the same world” and “Although we are from different countries, the things in our flowers are the same”
are a few of the ideas underlined by some of the participants in the Flowers of Identity method at the OUT 2017 training.
In the first part, the participants were asked to draw a personal flower with petals and leaves and attribute each petal to a concept they consider important to their identity, whilst in the following part their task was to create a public flower to be shared with other representatives from different countries. The petals from both flowers were as diverse and complex as possible, bringing into attention concepts like gender, nationality, religion, hobbies, work, family, education or interests. The Flower of Identity created the space for discussing the matter of identity and touched on both what we have in common or what is different.
Did we manage to define identity or is there even a definition? The question is still open …

Flowers of Identity

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