Microprojects “OUT”

During the Youth Meeting in 2016, the groups of students from Estonia, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and Poland presented the microprojects they had created in their home countries in order to present their lives, culture, city, country etc. Below, feel free to discover the different outcomes: 1.The microproject of the group from Estonia: Estonia 2.[…]


Creating a European Museum of History

The concepts of museums of history often focus a national level of history. In order to discover the relations between histories of different cultures, the participants of “Once upon today…in Europe” thought about elementary questions like “What is Europe?”, “What is history?” or “What is a museum?” before creating their own conpect of an international[…]


Same event – different story

Interviewing Mathilda, participant: Did you learn anything new during the workshop “Same event – different story”? -“I discovered historical events I didn’t know about – especially concerning Moldova (the deportation in 1946 was new to me). Furthermore, I got to know personal stories of the others, not only national history.” 2. Did you like the[…]