Impressions of Nazareth

As a follow up to our seminar and the friendship we established we had decided to dedicate our micro project to another meeting with the Israeli-Arab group members.

A week after our last friendly and peaceful meeting in Nazareth, a major escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resulted in the conflict called “Pillar of Cloud”.

The main part of the meeting was a photographed tour we had taken with our Arab friends as guides telling the story of the city.

The conversation that accompanied the tour was mainly about the events that had shaped the face of the city in the 20th century. Ideas and terms like “Nakba”, “the Balfur Declaration”, “the 1967 borderlines” and “Right of Return” had filled the air while walking among the cafes and pomegranate juice stands, mosques and churches.

Equipped with the notions and ideas we had acquired during our ten day seminar, we managed to conduct an intensive argument in a civilized, tolerant and productive way.

The pictures that were taken during our tour reflect the variety of faces to the city, in terms of different religions, cultures, generations, opinions and more.

For the grand finale we headed to the Waked family residence, Oday’s home and had a delicious dinner courtesy of his mother, which also had clarified that in spite of the disagreements we can all still agree on some things 馃槈


In the weeks after our trip to Nazareth a round of violence had irrupted in the area, we had still communicated but the atmosphere became tense. It was clear that everyone is very emotional about the events and has their own version to the matter.

Our project made the local news and was published in the Ramat Negev newspaper.

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