Museum “Once upon today… in Europe”

For our group, the name chosen for the Museum was “Once upon today… in Europe” and it was created around the concept of a village with more buildings circled around a core main building. The core building would include materials – such as documents, images, etc. talking about Europe and the integration and an interactive map showing the different changes of borders over time. It includes events from the 1950s until today. The buildings around the core are dedicated to different European countries, starting with EU member states and continuing with non-member states. Inside the houses there are specific objects, images, moments relevant for those countries and their specificity.
An important part of the project is the Library of experiences, where people can write their own history and be part of different interactive activities. Here, people can have an input and challenge different things or register their present experiences in the Library for other people and generations to have access to. It is meant to be a space for debate.
Working group: Ana, Bogdan, Artiem, Jola, Kriista, Pedru, Sven and Tatyana.

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