Discovering stories across Europe

Visiting 19th century factory buildings in the Polish city Łódź or an old fisherman collective in Estonia, analysing photos of teenage fashion in Soviet times in Ukraine or meeting witnesses of WW II in Moldova… These are just four of more than a dozen projects that participants presented on the last day of the training. Back home they will work with young people in non-formal education, schools, and communities to discover hidden stories. In the youth meeting in October, these groups from Estonia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine will come to Krzyzowa and present their findings.

Here is a provisional list of micro-projects (to be continued):

As a practical preparation, Gosia gave a well-informed introduction into “oral history for beginners” with practical advice how to build a relationship and conduct interviews. Ana invited the group to explore the world through the frame of a camera in her workshop on “photo storytelling”.


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